Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Procrastination Game

Since I have finals next week, and lots of homework to do between now and then, I figured I'd... oh, say... write a nice long post about my current knitting projects.

  • First we have the sock and a smidge of a mate for George for Christmas. It's orange and green. I think I"m having a case of second sock syndrome.
  • Then there's the hat for Pickle, the niece. So far I have one segment out of seven. A really pretty white with twists of varigated pastels- but this will do no good if it isn't done by Christmas.
  • Then theres the Bernat Boa scarf in Cardinal- which I have to frog and redo. I originally started it with the boa held with a strand of black SugarNCream, but it's too thick and not floaty enough. (It looked so much cuter when Lishy did it with her pink hat and scarf set. Where did I go wrong?)
  • I also need to make a hat for my brother (Pickle's dad).
  • And a hat for the strange guy who is living with my dad right now.
  • And a scarf or something for my brother's girlfriend.
  • And I need to sew up a quilt for Monkey (a nephew).
  • And make Monkey a set of felt mittens with an attached cord.
  • And make Critter (the other nephew) a set of mittens as well.
  • Oh, and I suppose if I'm making mittens for the nephews I should make a pair for the niece as well.
  • And if I find time, I have three pairs of socks and a penis warmer (don't ask. really.) to finish.
  • Oh, and the afghan I've been crocheting for Oshu for a year now. He's been asking when it will be done.

And that isn't any of the other projects, just the Christmas ones. I think I should go knit now.


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