Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yawn. I think I just bored myself to sleep...

Update on Christmas. Nothing much else to report right now, other than the fact that I've picked my Stranded Knitalong pattern. A skull and crossbones hat for Oshu.

  • First we have the sock and a smidge of a mate for George for Christmas. It's orange and green. I think I'm having a case of second sock syndrome. Finished, finally! Pictures when he isn't sitting here.
  • Then there's the hat for Pickle, the niece.
  • Then theres the Bernat Boa scarf in Cardinal for my Mom.
  • I also need to make a hat for my brother (Pickle's dad).
  • And a hat for the strange guy who is living with my dad right now.
  • And a scarf or something for my brother's girlfriend.
  • And I need to sew up a quilt for Monkey (a nephew).
  • And make Monkey a set of felt mittens with an attached cord.
  • And make Critter (the other nephew) a set of mittens as well.
  • Oh, and I suppose if I'm making mittens for the nephews I should make a pair for the niece as well.
  • And if I find time, I have three pairs of socks and a penis warmer (don't ask. really.) to finish.
  • Oh, and the afghan I've been crocheting for Oshu for a year now. He's been asking when it will be done.
  • Addition: Sew Christmas stockings for the babies (all three of them). Also did some for my kids while I was at it.

I also realized that I can't take pictures of everything all at once because I'd already wrapped most of it. Oops. Now, as soon as George finishes his snack I'm going to drag out the sewing machine and finish the last of this stuff. Actually, no I'm not. I think I have to go buy something to put in the middle of the quilt. Crap. Wonder if I can just use a few layers of sheeting or something- he tends to cover his face with his blankets, so the thinner the better anyway. Now that I think of it, I'll just go buy a sheet. I think I tossed all of my old sheets last summer, so I can't raid the closet. Sigh. Off to the 'Mart.


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